Dining Room Host / Greeter

Marlton, NJ

Host / Hostess / Greeter Requirements & Responsibilities

This is a greet position for someone who truly enjoys interacting with other people, and who values treating other people with humility, decency, and respect.

We are looking for applicants who exhibit the following qualities:

* Consistency and Reliability

* Cheerful and Positive Attitude 

* Values Teamwork

* Loves Serving and Helping Others 

Applicants must be able to: 

* Smile

* Create and Maintain Eye Contact

* Speak Enthusiastically 

* Make Emotional Connections with Guests

* Work Quickly and Efficiently

* Follow Restaurant Safety and Cleanliness Guidelines

Applicants will also be expected to be able to work on their feet for several hours at a time.

Job opportunities as Host/Hostess/Greeter are generally offered as part time, with some limited full time opportunities. 

JOB CODE: host